Rygglewigg's Head
acryls on canvas, 70 x 50 cm


The Story of Rygglewigg

He was a giant
Like the land has never known
The angst he was to every man and woman
Accidents did happen when he appeared
Chaos all around

But he loved to watch the seabirds
While he was staring at the waters
He made sounds and noises like the animals
That's why people thought he was strange
And much too tall and big
So they abandoned him
And directed him to the coast and sea
There he could stay with the only friends he had

One day he saw the sun rising
Brighter than ever
The piercing light filled his eyes
Stronger than anyone could undergo
Very sudden he turned into stone
But after days his stony head grew bigger and bigger
Until it was a giant rock
Which was still watching the sun and the sea
And the head became a true home for all the seabirds
They never abandoned him

copyright Evert Buiten